Raylectron Version 4.17 Free trial

A very effective, powerful and self-contained rendering plugin for SketchUp

If you have a job or hobby that involves rendering, then you may be interested in Raylectron. This is a powerful and very effective render plugin for SketchUp. A self-contained program, no other graphic applications are needed to create a photorealistic result. You can choose from three options to produce different effects. The sky, sun, environment maps and other light source materials provide illumination. Create different effects e.g. transparency, reflection, roughness, refraction and more.
Raylectron makes optimum use of CPU cores and threads and slave computers to speed up rendering. HDR maps, OBJ and Stereo Vision files are supported. Other features allow you to save, edit, stop and resume, rotate, zoom, pan, edit and more. X-Ray vision shows interior.
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